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Sloshing: stabilization of a liquid-air interface by a liquid foam

Why is it easier to walk with a beer or a latte coffee without spilling the liquid out? The answer to this common observation involves the Physics of foams and more particularly the viscous dissipation on the container's wall.

These cartoons are reproduced from "La physique sera femme" courtesy of Fiamma Luzzati who publishes for Le Monde and Philosophie Magazine.


Our paper has been hightlighted in Physics of Fluids.

Flow of a foam around an airfoil

This study started from results obtained by Benjamin Dollet during his PhD thesis. He worked on the flow of 2D foams around obtacles and he noticed that an airfoil undergoes an inverted lift. The aim of our work was to understand the respective contributions of bubbles pressure and films tension on the drag and lift forces. This is achieved with numerical simulations on Surface Evolver.

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